Who am I

I make the miniatures that I would like to have

Hi there guys, my name is Juan Puerta and I’s a 3D Character Artist.  My main job is working in the videogame industry, currently working at Deep Silver Fishlabs.

My First charcter art works were miniatures, and at some point I just decided that I wanted to create my own miniatures, stuff that I really enjoy, and with out the pressure of doing for anybody’s vision but mine 🙂

One of my most important thoughts when starting out this project is that I want a very high quality in my products, I would never be comfortable with less than that. And that is why I work with one of the best casters in the industry, a real master of his Craft Ciprian Negut.

I hope to be able to create beautiful miniatures on very different styles and flavors and I truly hope that you get to enjoy painting them as much as I love Sculpting them!

I just want to thank you all guys for being a part of this adventure!!

Best Regards.

Juan Puerta.