Frequently Asked Questions

As you know we are just starting out, So not much of a Faq yet. In any case I´ll try to answere some questions that might be interesting for you guys 🙂

How to Order

For now we´ll just have standard shipping to all over the world.

White Wolf miniatures is set in Germany, so the time for the product to get to you will probably depend on how far you are from here. Europe will probably be around 4 days to a week, and the rest of the world from 1 week to maybe 2 depending on the country you are.

Please do contact us with any question that might come up on the contact page or email us to info@whitewolfmini.com

If you want to return a product please get in contact with us.

About the product

We are currently doing 100 copies, as we are starting out we still don´t know a lot about the demand this will have, so we prefer to go slow.

It is a possibility if the demand is really high, but it is not certain.

Have any questions we didn't answer?