Thor Ironfist


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Thor Ironfist


Sculptor: Juan Puerta

Painted by: Carlos Tobes “Firebrush”  https://www.instagram.com/firebrush_st/

Scale: 75mm
Full Size: 65mm from bottom of base to eyes (80mm total height form base to top of the gun)
Number of Parts: 9
Material: High Quality Resin
Casting: Ciprian Negut

All miniatures supplied unpainted and require assembly.
The painted examples are for inspiration only.

WARNING: This is not a toy! Recommended for ages 14 and over. May be harmful if chewed or swallowed.


Out of stock


Thror is the blacksmith of his small village. He´s got a wife, and two daughters, life is simple, and he likes it that way. As every dwarf he likes to drink, we could say that sometimes too much, but who does not like a cold beer after a long day at the forge. One day he drank too much, he was not far from home, but not close enough… he stumble into the stables scaring the horses, finally he felt down into a “well deserved” sleep.
He woke up, his head… what time is it… the smell of smoke… He goes out the stables, fire and ashes everywhere, he runs, he runs home. He enter the ashes to find his wife´s body. He can´t see well, tears cover his face, he looks for his daughters, he can´t see well, he looks but they are not there…
This will be the last time he uses the forge. He makes an Iron Gauntlet, he will need it…